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The Hottest Titles for Teens and Tweens

What are the big books this summer? And why should you care?

Well, one of the things that gets people reading, adults included, is recommendations.  If kids are hearing their friends talking about this book, and once they are reading it can talk about it, how great is that? It makes a love of reading something they share, and how many times have you felt a bond with someone because they, too, adored a book dear to your heart?

With that in mind, I’ll share some of the titles that are really hot at my store right now, some of which are excellent reads, and feel free to pick them up for yourself, or steal the book when your kid is done with it.  Or before, I won’t judge you.


Target age: 9-12

This book didn’t arrive on time in-store – which was the cause of much consternation in my household.  My younger daughter is an evangelist for The Land of Stories series, dragging them with her everywhere she goes and forcing other people to read them.  They’re very good, bringing to mind classics like Alice in Wonderland or the Wizard of Oz, mixing fairytales with real life, the bizarre alongside the mundane.  And yes, it’s the Chris Colfer who plays Kurt on Glee who is the author – he really needs to save some talent for other people. A Grimm Warning is the third book in the series, and it’s worth getting them in hardcopy instead of an e-book because of the maps and illustrations in the cover.


Target age 13+, and I really mean the plus

I loved the Divergent trilogy – and Veronica Roth didn’t wuss out on the ending either, unlike the Hunger Games.  Four is a series of short stories that take place before the Divergent trilogy, centred around Four’s life before Tris. This can be read as a present for current fans craving more, or as a prologue to the main trilogy for new readers.  Good beach reading for everyone, and if you haven’t read the original trilogy, summer is a great time to start.

Target: 9-12+

This trilogy, of which the first two are now out, is a kind of interesting twist on the fairytale theme that’s huge right now in this age group.  Every year, two girls or two boys are chosen to attend the school of Good and Evil.  One is trained to be a hero, the other a villain.  When two best friends are chosen, one golden-haired and sweet, and the other dark haired, odd, and fond of goth-y clothes, they know who’s going where.  Their own self-concepts are thrown into disarray when the golden-haired girl is sent to the school of evil, and the goth-in-training is sent to the school of good.  This book is flying off the shelves, and anything that shakes up thinking is great by me.



Target age: 13+

I will admit now, that I haven’t read this trilogy, and may not.  I am not always in the mood for romance and frou frou dresses.  Sometimes, though, that’s exactly what you want, and this series seems to fill that need for teens and adults alike quite nicely.  A sort of dystopian version of The Bachelor, the series started with The Selection, where thirty-five girls were in an elimination competition for the crown, and marriage to the prince.  The competition is winnowed down through the second book, and now in the third, The One is America Singer’s (cringing at the name) final chance to win the Miss America Pageant   heart of Prince Maxon, and the crown.  If you are looking for a frillier version of the Hunger Games, this is it.

Target: 13+

I adore Mercedes Lackey, and read pretty much everything she writes.  I am currently reading this series she is writing with Rosemary Edghill, a kind of Mystery at the Academy trope, but with enough interesting twists to keep it from being formulaic.  Spirit White (hippie parents) ends up at an orphanage after she is the only member of her family to survive a car accident.  She finds out once she arrives there that every single person at the orphanage has magic – except apparently her.  The orphanage – Oakhurst Academy, is run like a private school for the very rich, with the added curriculum of learning to defend yourself, both physically and with magic, against evil mages who could attack at any minute.

It doesn’t contain as much of Lackey’s signature ironic humour as I would like, but it has enough of it to make reading it enjoyable, and smarter than many teen series, since the kids in it don’t just swallow down everything they’re told and do some of their own investigating.  Like a magical Nancy Drew.


Target: 13+ (again, I mean the plus)

Kelley Armstrong is always a really fun read.  I loved her Women of the Otherworld series, I am impatiently waiting for the sequel to Omens to come out, and so I was delighted when this arrived, if for no other reason than I think the cover will be my next tattoo.

A really solid, epic fantasy,  twin sisters Moria and Ashyn live on the edge of the Forest of the Dead, where the worst criminals are exiled.  Moria and Ashyn are the Keeper and the Seeker – charged with keeping the souls of the damned quiet – no easy task.  This year, the souls will not be quieted – and a great evil ambushes the girls, separating them from eachother and their home, the beginning of their quest to find eachother again, and warn the emperor of what is awakening.

This is book one – I really need to cut down on the number of series I’m reading.  Or only read series that are finished.  Haha, like that’s going to happen.  Sigh.

Oh, and as a bonus for you guys, right now I’m reading Warslayer, by Rosemary Edghill, which is a FREE download on Kobo.  Imagine Lucy Lawless getting kidnapped by aliens who think she’s actually Xena and will save them all.  It’s silly fun, and perfect for the patio and a cold drink.

Happy summer reading!


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Divergent Trailer!

Two and a half minutes of joy.  Fingers crossed that it will be half as good as the books, that should make it an amazing movie.   The casting looks promising so far, but we’ll see.

Oh god, there’s still four months.  Sigh.

Happy waiting!


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In Roth Withdrawal? I can help with that…

Just in case you are now in Roth withdrawal, there is an e-book with Tobias’ perspective on part of the Divergent story, Free Four.

Also, this:

I’m super excited for this… crossed fingers it will be amazing.

Happy reading/watching!



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Divergent Trilogy Finally Finished!

I love Veronica Roth, but that cliffhanger at the end of Insurgent was just mean. Thankfully, Allegiant was released yesterday, and I came home from work last night with it.  And at some point later last night (not telling how late, except it was no longer technically “last night”) I finished it, with some minor assistance from a bottle of rosé.

I really highly recommend this series.  It’s a great read for adults as well as teens, and the pacing of the story is superb.  The main character Tris is a kick-ass heroine, not just because she can literally kick ass, but also because of her struggles to determine how, when fighting for a cause, you determine the right actions… especially when multiple lives are on the line.

I won’t get into the plot too much, because I’m hoping some of you have the delight of just discovering the series.   I will say I envy you not having to wait between books to read the trilogy, and this is a book that crosses genres so don’t dismiss it if you don’t usually read sci-fi, or YA, or any other silly reason not to read a good book.  Honestly, buy the trilogy, you won’t be able to buy just one.

Unlike my dissatisfaction with the ending of the Hunger Games trilogy, Roth does not wuss out on the ending here.  Wow.

If you liked Ender’s Game, particularly in terms of the ethics and moral dilemmas, try this one on for size.  And that’s a big recommendation from me, because I loved Ender’s Game.  Divergent is just exactly what I like out of a good sci-fi series.

Okay, go read it now, and then tell me how much you loved it.  Or hated it.   I love talking books.

Happy (excited) reading!


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This blog is on pause while I read Allegiant.  Along with everything else.



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