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Fifty Shades of Grey: The Sheets!

Just when I thought the Fifty Shades trend couldn’t get any weirder, what with the books flying off the shelves, and the movie rights being sold (how is it not going to be hardcore pornography?)… it gets weirder.

Thanks to AlexisSBCA, I happened on a new and horrifying fact… there’s going to be Fifty Shades merchandise!  Speculating on whether it would be grey ties, branded bondage gear, or Inner Goddess A Day calendars was fun, but the truth is more bizarre than I thought.

There could be lingerie/sleepwear, which is not unexpected.   “Adult products”, again, no biggie.  Perfume and beauty products, a little weirder.  Jewelry too.  But my brain pretty much overloaded when we got to home furnishings and stationery being mentioned.  Home furnishings?  What, like couches with built in rings for handcuffs?  Whip/umbrella stands?  And what the heck would the stationery be like?  I mean, my imagination is failing me here, unless we’re talking ridiculous stuff like you see at adult stores for bachelorette parties.  And even then, stationery?

Here’s hoping that this will be a short lived trend, but I’m not so sure…  there’s already a “bedside companion” book out, showing you how to have sex Fifty Shades-style.



Fifty Shades of Grey Lingerie, Perfume, Other Products Coming – Hollywood Reporter.


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Fifty Shades of Grey Author to Attend Comic-Con

So you know to avoid it… and what the heck does she have to do with Comic-Con? No geek love here.


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Fifty Shades of Grey – Why I Hate It

I’m all for being open-minded, and trying to not be judgemental about other people’s sexual tastes.  To my mind, however, Fifty Shades of Grey is not a healthy book.  My understanding of BDSM is that it is, in many ways, about trust.  There are safe words.  It is consensual.  There is always a way to say no.  And it stops outside the bedroom.

Not in Fifty Shades of Grey.

The man in the books has controlling, violent tendencies.  Not just in bed, but out of it too.  He is verbally abusive.  He is physically abusive. He ignores it when the ‘heroine’ says no. His behavior is excused because of his traumatic childhood.

To me, this is an abusive relationship.  It’s not sexy.  He’s not hot.  He’s dangerous, and if it was real life I would be urging her to get the hell out.  Being controlling and manipulative does not make him an irresistable alpha male, it makes him an asshole.   I will include a link to another blog, Fifty Shades of Suck, to give you an idea of just how disturbing it is.  Warning: this material contains text from the novel, and is explicit.  Fifty Shades of Suck

The female character is spineless, whiny, and talks about her “inner goddess” who does pirouettes, apparently. The writing is terrible. But even if those weren’t true, I cannot like any book that makes abusive relationships “hot”.  Period.



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