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Copies of Fifty Shades of Grey Positive for Herpes?

Via PopCrush

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  Snort.  Copies of Fifty Shades in the Antwerp library tested positive for herpes.  No, seriously.

Check out this post from PopCrush:

Ever wondered what diseases library books carry? You shouldn’t, because your local libraries need your help. Still, that didn’t stop two Belgian professors from running tests on the 10 most borrowed books in the Antwerp library and finding out what horrors lie between their spines.

The professors ran each book under a gamut of bacteriology and toxicology tests and found that in addition to all of them testing positive for cocaine (because what doesn’t test positive for cocaine?), copies of the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ tested positive for herpes.

On the plus side — before you go screaming to the nearest doctor to get tested — books cannot pass on sexually transmitted diseases. Which is something we never thought we’d have to type.

The profs said that the traces of herpes were so tiny that they did not pose a health risk and that it would be impossible to get herpes merely by reading a book with herpes.

Still, makes you wonder how those copies got herpes in the first place. Wait, nope, nevermind. Don’t want to know.

Yup, that’s right, Fifty Shades has an STD.  Amaaaaazing.



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Meeting Chris Hadfield

Now, before you get too excited, I met Chris Hadfield for all of twenty seconds, most of which were because I brought five copies of his book for him to sign.  I do love Chris Hadfield, and think that he is possibly the coolest person ever, as an astronaut/musician/photographer/pilot/father… the list goes on.  The reason I went to see him, and get the books signed, was far more important, however.

I have an eight-year-old daughter who wants, with all her tiny being, to be an astronaut.  I don’t mean in a “maybe a fairy princess or a doctor or an astronaut” kind of way.  I mean in an “I will go into the air force and get them to pay for my engineering degree at university and then start training for Mars” kind of way.  And what made her really, really excited about space was me sharing Chris Hadfield’s posts on facebook, videos, science experiments, music.  She realized that she could be an astronaut who loved music.  Or maybe a musician who loved space.  So when I heard Chris Hadfield was going to be signing his brand-new book in Toronto, it wasn’t even a question, we were going.  Sadly, my older daughter was feeling very ill, so she couldn’t come with us.  We promised pictures, and headed downtown.

We got there early, and boy it’s a good thing we did.  The Indigo store hosting the signing was huge, two floors, and by the time Chris Hadfield was going to speak, the line took up two floors too.  Kudos, by the way, to the Indigo events staff and the marketing guys from Random House, for doing an incredible job of managing a huge, huge crowd of people and making that line go faster than I thought possible. The line snaked through the shelves, and we passed the time chatting with other people in line, and looking at the books on the shelves.  Boy, if you have to wait, a bookstore is a great place to do it.  My daughter bonded with the woman directly behind us in line when she revealed that she had the Star Finder app on her smart phone, and they passed the time together gleefully looking for favorite constellations.  Geek heaven.  The only truly awkward moment was when the line stalled in front of the sex books, and I thought I was going to have to do a lot of awkward explaining of titles and covers.  Thankfully, I managed to direct her eyes elsewhere for just long enough.

Heather Reisman, Indigo’s CEO, interviewed Chris Hadfield (she calls herself Chief Booklover and I want her job), and she could have been a TV host to rival Barbara Walters, so skillfully did she guide the talk.  She invited the kids in front up to the stage so they could see.  She asked him the question she knew everyone was wondering, which is “How the heck do you pee up there?”  And she managed to corner him into admitting that Canada needed better science and tech funding, particularly for space exploration.  I’m also fairly sure she volunteered him for Prime Minister, which I would happily get behind.

Chris Hadfield is remarkably down-to-earth (ha ha) for someone who has become an international icon.  He credited his wife and family with the inspiration for putting so much of his space life on social media, and was modest about his accomplishments, attributing them to always aiming his life in the direction of readiness, just in case the call to be an astronaut ever came.  When he described waiting to find out whether he had been accepted for Canada’s space program… I think the entire audience held our breaths and waited for that phone call with him.

That is what his book is like, too.  Warm, humble, and you are rooting for him the whole time.  There are unbelievable stories, and excellent wisdom and advice from someone who managed to get hold of his impossible dream, and then share it with the world.  I am reading it with my daughter.  It is one of the coolest things we have ever done together.

I don’t know what we’ll do to top that night, though.  The night Chris Hadfield said to her “Go.  Be an astronaut.”

Wow.  It may have only been a few seconds, but it was an important few seconds.  My daughter’s hero just told her to live her dream.

Happy dreaming.


P.S. This is the fun display I made of his book:

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The Age of Miracles

It’s kind of apocalyptic speculative sci-fi.  Kind of coming of age/first romance.  Kind of a critique of contemporary american society.  And all good.

The premise is that Earth abruptly starts turning more and more slowly.  Days and nights become longer, temperatures get both hotter and colder, a completely unexpected disaster with no solution.  Everything – plants, animals, people – is affected by it.  Now imagine dealing with that and puberty.

There is a very sweet love story that goes alongside the story of what happens to people, to families, to friendships when disaster strikes.

The writing is fantastic, and feels very believable.  It seems perfectly plausible while you’re reading, and I didn’t find there was any interruption of the suspension of disbelief, like there can be in apocalypse stories.

This is adult fiction, but it can be shared with younger teen readers as well, since there wasn’t anything in it that was particularly objectionable.   This wasn’t really a genre novel, so even those who aren’t sci-fi readers would likely enjoy this.

I look forward to reading more books by Karen Thompson Walker, if they are all written this well.

Happy Reading!



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George R.R. Martin Signing in Toronto

Meet George R.R. Martin – award-winning author and executive producer of the HBO hit Game of Thrones – as he signs A Dance With Dragons, the newest book in the epic bestselling A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Event details:
• Line-up will be first-come, first-served. Due to anticipated attendance, line-up may begin outside of Indigo Manulife Centre – Bay Street entrance ONLY. Please dress appropriately for the weather.
• George R.R. Martin will sign ONE to TWO (1-2) books maximum, depending on the number of people in line.
• No personalizations – author signature only
• No posed photography – can take photographs from the line
• Follow @indigogreenroom on twitter for up-to-the minute information.

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