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‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Book Now Banned By Libraries In 3 States

I’m not sure about the decision by multiple libraries to ban Fifty Shades of Grey.  Now, as I said in my previous post, I am not a fan of the trilogy.  But does this count as censorship?

I understand in the case of the libraries where they don’t carry erotica, period.  But what about where they decided not to carry it because the writing is bad?  That’s a little subjective. Since when do libraries only carry books that have universally received good reviews?  If they did, they would never carry any book.

Wishful thinking aside, I would never presume to tell someone else what they can or cannot read.  Unless the library doesn’t carry any book in this genre, including “classics” by the Marquis de Sade, then they shouldn’t be banning the book.

Anyone else have any insights here?

The link below takes you to the full Huffington Post article.

‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Book Now Banned By Libraries In 3 States.


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