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Wanted: Scary, Scary Books

I’ve been having fun reading Kelley Armstrong’s latest, 13 (the conclusion to the series I’ve been reading for oh, ten years), and some Sherrilyn Kenyon League novels (cross sexy romance with full-on guns blazing sci-fi action, and you get the league books).  They’re great, but for some reason I’ve been in the mood for horror.

I don’t mean gory, or thriller stuff.  Zombie body parts can be icky, granted.  I, however, am looking for the kind of book that makes you want to hide under the bed.  The book version of The Grudge (original Japanese or the remake, your pick).  I just don’t get as creeped out by books as by movies, so far.

C’mon people, I need help here.  No Stephen King, read them all as a teenager.  Suggestions needed!




image source: http://thehorrorhotel.blogspot.ca


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