LGBT Picks?

Hi everyone,

Here in Toronto, Pride Week falls in June, and I love doing great displays for pride.  I want to not feature the same titles every year, so I am asking you guys if you have read anything with LGBTQ characters or themes, for all age ranges, that you thought were great.  I have some great YA picks, but I need more books for kids under twelve, and new books for adults.  I don’t just want romance – books that feature great characters who are gay, trans, asexual – I am perfectly happy for that not to be central to the story line.  In fact, that’s great, because I want there to be books where a person’s sexuality, gender identity, gender expression, is only a part of who they are, not the whole story.

I know I’m super-early, but the more time I have, the better the selection will be, and it gives me extra time to get hold of hard-to-get stuff.  Thanks for the help!


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  1. Merilyn Fox

    The book Drama, by Raina Telgemeier, gets my vote, In a junior high school drama club, friendships and crushes develop and flounder. Two of the characters happen to be gay. The drama the club is preparing to stage, is of course, secondary to the drama in the lives of the cast and crew.

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