Comfort Food for the Mind


The Firebird, by Susanna Kearsley, has caught my eye more than once – I have picked it up and set it down.  One of the travails of working in a book store is settling on which of the multitudes is coming home with you this time.  Finally, it was The Firebird‘s turn.

What a lovely, lovely book.  This was such a nice read, such a perfect blend of mystery and romance.  Kearsley is a whiz at setting up landscapes and characters.

The heroine is supposed to have the gift of psychometry, the ability to learn about an object through touch – it is a gift she uses with reluctance.  She is working as a specialist in Russian art, and a client in desperate need of money brings in a family heirloom she is hoping to sell, but with no proof of its authenticity.  When Nicola touches it, she realizes it is indeed authentic, but has no way of proving it.  Touched by the client’s desperate situation, Nicola reaches out to a man whose gifts are stronger than her own, hoping to find a way to prove the heirloom’s provenance.

A fairly fast read, perfect glass of wine and your feet up at the end of the day book, or on the patio with a coffee and a decadent pastry.

I would recommend this to fans of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, or The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen.


PS If any of you are watching Castle, that was a hell of a season premiere, eh?


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