I am a big fan of the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation – a non-profit charity whose goal is to not be needed any more.  Not only does the foundation raise funds to put books in school libraries, but it also advocates for those schools with government, trying to get library funding to an acceptable level.

Every year for three weeks, there is direct fundraising for local high needs schools by their communities.  The school I have adopted for this year, Brookmill Blvd. JPS, is struggling with its library.  The library budget has been merged with the technology budget, which means having to make choices between books and computers, which shouldn’t be an either/or.  The school’s population has shrunk recently, which means the budget has also shrunk – making it difficult to upgrade and renew the library, the books in which average ten to twenty years of age.

You can help out by adopting the school, which costs nothing.  You can adopt the school every day.  Because this year is the 10th anniversary of the Love of Reading Foundation, there is a bonus grant of $10,000 in books to the school from each province with the highest number of adoptions.  You can also donate – every $12 donated = 1 book given.

I hope some of you are able to help out, one way or the other, and I appreciate you taking the time to check this out!




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