Guess who’s back…

After an extended period of being locked out of my WordPress account due to my authenticator malfunctioning, I am back!  I haven’t forgotten you, I promise, and more sarcastic book reviews cometh.

My current summer reading has been a weird mix, trying to catch up on the glut of titles released for pairing with a cold drink on the patio.  I am also trying to catch up on some of the titles others have been recommending.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

A tale that’s very relevant right now, with its themes of bullying, sexual assault, and suicide, anyone who went to high school (or was a teenager) will find something to identify with in this one.

The story begins with Clay, a fairly nice teenaged boy,  discovering a box of audio tapes left on his doorstep (anyone else remember those?), recorded by Hannah – a girl from his school who had recently committed suicide.  She tells him there are thirteen reasons she killed herself – and if you were listening to the tapes, you were one of those reasons.

There are audio files online for the tapes, so you can make the story a multimedia experience, hearing the tapes along with Clay.

This book is not only an excellent read, but could be a really important one for a teen – these experiences can be so isolating, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had a book make you feel a little less alone – and a little more aware that you aren’t the only one out there who has gone through it.   It might not be a bad one for a parent and a teen to both read, and then discuss.

I will be catching up on postings as quickly as I can, so prepare for a deluge!



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