Heirs of Alexandria

I just had a little orgy of reading the Heirs of Alexandria books, since the fourth one recently released and I wanted to re-read from the beginning.  What a great series.

Sometimes, when you have a collaboration, the book doesn’t flow properly, the voices of the authors are jarring and wrong.  That isn’t what happened here.

These are stories set in an alternate history, at the time of the Renaissance.   All the fantasy that people believed in at the time is real, from mermaids to magic, and it makes for great storytelling.   This is classic epic material, with great battles, political intrigue, knights, star-crossed lovers.    Set mainly in Venice, the characters are so well developed that you could easily guess how each one would behave in a given situation, and you get a little attached.

There is a great sense of humour running through the books that balances the drama, and makes for a fun read.

This is the story equivalent of comfort food for me.

I bought them all as e-books, and as a side note they are all sold without DRM, at the publisher’s request.


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