LOVE: Honey Maid takes down the trolls.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, although the main focus is on books and bookstores, you will also notice that we are strong supporters of equal rights for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.  We’re against ignorance in general, and believe that reading is one tool of creating learning and compassion.

Honey Maid, a company formerly known more for graham crackers and s’mores than taking a stand, has just done something brilliant, and well worth sharing.

A recent commercial that they aired that shows a diverse selection of families has raised the ire of the small-minded, including my favorite group to hate, One Million Moms.  The commercial that raised their anger is below.

It’s a sweet, fairly classic commercial, and smart marketing by Honey Maid to get people in the kind of families that get protested by the Westborough Baptists buying their products.

What is really brilliant, however, is how Honey Maid responded to the outrage, and turned those hateful words into a thing of beauty.   Check it out:

Very classy, Honey Maid.  Well done.


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