Ode to a bookstore

I had a customer tell me she loved me.  I had a customer tell me that we had the best customer service she had ever seen.  I had a customer throw a temper tantrum because I wouldn’t sell her store supplies.  I had a customer yell “this is contributing to the pussification of our children!”  I’m not sure how to spell pussification.  Someone who believed that the earth had stopped spinning.  A senior who had decided to dive back into the world after her husband’s death, starting with taking every free class she could find.  Attempted fraud and adults sitting on tiny, tiny furniture.  Dancing in the aisles and impromptu singalongs.  Shouting, laughter.  Food.  Lots, and lots, and lots of caffeine.

Oh bookstore, I love you.


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Filed under Books, General Awesomeness, Retail

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