Who’s Seen Catching Fire?

I’m debating whether to go see it in the theatre, or wait for the DVD.   Who’s seen it? Thoughts?  Also, just to let you guys know, the blog posts will probably be a little less frequent right now, between the book store and my family at this time of year.  I will try to post as often as I can, but I have to sleep sometime, unfortunately.

Happy (holiday) reading.



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5 responses to “Who’s Seen Catching Fire?

  1. Emme Cross

    I saw it last night and it’s better than the first. Worth getting up off the couch and seeing it in the theatre. My only complaint is the last shot which felt cheesy. Other than that, good job all round. (I still have problems with the casting of Peeta.)

  2. Teresa Guardia

    I haven’t seen Catching Fire, yet, but want to because I loved the book. A lot of people prefer seeing a movie first and reading the book second, but in my case the book doesn’t come to any harm or it doesn’t spoil my movie experience…what I mean, is that I think the book is always better than the film, but the film sometimes spurs me into reading more difficult to access books because of the beautiful adaptations. Jane Austen wasn’t as easy to read until Colin Firth was in the movie. I still fall asleep trying to read Sanditon! I need a movie to watch first!
    Catching Fire was a young adult novel, not a classic like Jane Austen. So i loved the book but don’t revere it and can’t wait to see the film.

  3. Theatre. Definitely go to the theatre. I saw it this weekend, and really enjoyed it. I went with a group, some of whom have read the books obsessively like myself, and some who have only seen the first movie. Everyone liked it. I’m a bookseller myself, and have loved the books since my very first ARC of “Hunger Games.” I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the film. It’s richer than the first movie.


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