There’s More to Life Than This?

I love fiction.  Very occasionally, like with Chris Hadfield’s book or Wave, I can be seduced to the non-fiction side, but generally I’m happiest with pure fantasy (in terms of imagination, as opposed to dragons, though dragons are welcome).  Since there has been so much non-fiction released this year, much of which is just not my style, I have been looking for new reviewers.  Preferably reviewers I don’t have to pay.  Even better if they live in my area and I can say “Take these books! Go review them.”  And then have some of my living room back.  It is difficult for me to actually relinquish possession of books, ever, but I do have a lot of reviews to get done.  So, if you don’t live far from Toronto, and are interested in being paid in books… have I got a job for you.

Today’s post features my friend Alison H., lover of non-fiction and a woman still open, unlike cynical me, to magical possibilities.  It’s interesting to read her take on this book, because mine would have been so very, very different. Without further (well maybe a little) ado…

There’s More to Life Than This by Theresa Caputo was thoroughly enjoyable.

As an avid watcher of her TV show Long Island Medium I was anticipating this book and couldn’t wait to read it.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Theresa Caputo, she is a medium and reads people, in private sessions. She also does public readings, e.g. in a restaurant, grocery store, gym, doctors office, etc.

Caputo is a mother of 2 adult children, Larry Jr. and Victoria, and Theresa is married to Larry Sr. She is an average woman who has the ability to talk to the dead. When I first saw her TV show I was not a believer in psychics but after watching her show and now reading her book, I am a believer. I would recommend that any sceptic should read this book.

The book starts out telling you very briefly about her childhood and her family. It then quickly moves on, in detail, to how she talks to Spirit, how you can communicate with Spirit, about death and the other side, energy – positive and negative, grief and healing, The book is very informative and helps make her TV show make more sense and gives a more in-depth appeal to it.

If I could improve the book I would add more of an autobiography of Theresa and her family. She does touch base on it but I felt it was too short and vague.. I would also add photos, too.

All in all, I give it 4 out of 5 turtles.


Christie: What turtles?  Are they good turtles? Are they bad turtles?  Are we talking Terry Pratchett turtles or ninja turtles or Franklin?  This makes a difference!

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  1. Alison H.

    All turtles are great turtles but these turtles are book loving ones. :)-

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