All Hallows Read: Night Film

When I’m telling people about Night Film, I describe it as akin to reading an Alfred Hitchcock film.  That same dark, twisty, scary feeling that you get from Vertigo, or The Birds.  You aren’t quite sure what’s going on, and you’re not sure you want to find out.

This is my first time reading Marisha Pessl, and I’m impressed. I love the innovative format of the book – there are screen grabs of articles from Time Magazine’s site, photocopies of police records, transcripts of recordings.  You feel like you’re investigating along with the main character, Scott McGrath, a “disgraced investigative reporter,” and sometimes feel like yelling at him about missed possible clues.  Out loud.  So that your family looks at you funny.

The plot is regarding the supposed suicide of a young woman, recently escaped from a mental institution.  The young woman is Ashley Cordova, the daughter of a notorious filmmaker. Stanilas Cordova is known for his terrified and twisted horror films, some of which are so controversial that were never released officially; they are only shown in secret, with pirated copies.   McGrath became disgraced because of an attempt to write an expose on the filmmaker, only to have his source disappear along with his credibility.  To break the story of what really happened to Cordova’s daughter, and what led to her death, could save McGrath’s career and restore his reputation.

Check out the book trailer, one of the best I’ve ever seen:

This is a great, hard to put down mystery, and it’s just perfect for All Hallows Read.  Highly, highly recommended.

Happy (shivery) reading.


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