Censorship & Samuel L. Jackson

I realize that it is banned books week, and this is about movies, but the point that is made is the same either way.

This is not an appropriate video to watch with your children.  Seriously.

Don’t blame authors, libraries, schools, bookstores, or publishing companies because you can’t be bothered checking to see if Fifty Shades of Grey is an appropriate book for your “very advanced” twelve year old.  Read the summary.  Ask a librarian or teacher.  Use the internet.  Arrrrgh!

Oh, and for another banned book?  Do yourself a favor and pick up the audio book version of Go the F*ck to Sleep, read by Samuel L. Jackson, written by Adam Mansbach.  It’s on YouTube, but I don’t know if it’s official so I won’t post the link.  And in case you weren’t sure, it’s not a kids’ book.

Happy (adult) reading.



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4 responses to “Censorship & Samuel L. Jackson

  1. Bran MacFeabhail

    I love this! All of my nightmares from age 8 onward have involved Jurassic Park-style velociraptors because I saw JP at a very young age, but you don’t see me blaming Stephen Spielberg for making the film! (It’s still one of my favorite movies, and still scares the crap out of me haha)

    There is so much pressure on actors and teachers and everyone who is NOT a parent to be a role model for kids, and some of it is understandable, but at the same time, parents STILL need to be the gatekeepers. Does your 12 year old need to read The Perks of Being a Wallflower? Probably not yet. Wait for high school. But it’s not your librarian’s job to monitor what your kid reads. It’s not Gamestop’s job to stop your 15-yr old from buying all the Grand Theft Auto he or she wants. It’s not Blizzard’s fault your kid spends 8 hours a day logged into World of Warcraft and is now failing geometry. It’s not on the movie theater if you take your 14 year old to R-rated slasher films and wonder why they can’t sleep for a week. It’s all about access and monitoring and discussion.

  2. Kerlyssa

    One thing I will never resent my mother for is allowing me to read adult books from the get go- Not 50 Shades(or whatever its 80s equivalent was), but interesting stories that made me think. She was far more worried about me being held back by dumb books and tv than she was worried about holding me back because I’d be harmed somehow by a damn Stephen King novel.

    FWIW, my nightmares are about driving and highschool(still!).

    • It’s a very subtle art, figuring out what’s appropriate. And what’s appropriate for your family and your kid might not work for someone else. I agree, though, I was allowed to read fairly adult fiction early on, and it fed my love of reading.

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