Backward Glass

Don’t start this book if you’re supposed to be going to sleep anytime soon.

Backward Glass is David Lomax’s first book, and I’m waiting for the next one already.  A teen version of The Time Traveler’s Wife comes to mind. Faster paced, though, and a lot more action.  

The book starts slowly, setting the stage, but once the story gets going it doesn’t let go.  I was planning on taking a nap two hours ago.  And doing laundry.  I blame you, David Lomax, for the bags under my eyes and the fact that my children will have nothing to wear to school tomorrow.

The book tackles the paradox of time travel: if something has happened, can it be changed if you go back in time?  Or is the present already including your having gone back in time, so you obviously didn’t manage to change it.   Or it wasn’t going to happen and it did because you changed it.  Or something.  You can give yourself brain cramps.

But if you could go back in time, and had a chance to prevent something terrible, isn’t it worth trying anyways?

Lomax did a fantastic job of managing to make a convoluted timeline smooth and fast-paced, and the plot twists will give you a crick in the neck.

Highly, highly recommended, for teens and adults alike.  There are some adult themes, and violence, so I would be going for 13+ for reading this, but as always, it depends on the kid.

Happy (sleepless) reading!


P.S.  At David’s request, I am including a link to buy the book Amazon as well as one to Indigo.  Because he’s a nice guy.

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