Can’t Stop The Signal

It’s official: Serenity is back, albeit in graphic novel form.

Dark Horse has announced that they have signed Georges Jeanty, the illustrator behind the Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novel.

The comic will pick up where the Serenity movie left off, with the Alliance not very happy with Mal and crew after being embarrassed and defeated in spectacular fashion.

I am so excited.  All of the story lines I’ve been wondering about!  How will Zoe move on without Wash? What’s going to happen with Kaylee and Simon?  Will River get less crazy? For the love of all things nerdy, will Mal and Inara finally get together? Does Jain still have Vera (the most enduring love story in the verse)? Will there be awesome ass-kicking, sub-legal shenanigans, and general shininess?

There still hasn’t been anything about when the issue is coming, but you better believe I’ll be getting mine. For a full interview with Jeanty, you can see the article on CBR.

Happy nerding!


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