Project Unbreakable

This post has nothing to do with books – but it does involve some important reading.  Two years ago, 21-year-old Grace Brown founded Project Unbreakable.

She wanted to photograph survivors of sexual assaults, holding signs quoting their attackers.  Here’s a quote from the site:

The mission of Project Unbreakable is to increase awareness of the issues surrounding sexual assault and encourage the act of healing through art. Since the project’s conception in October 2011 by then nineteen year old Grace Brown, it has featured over two thousand images of sexual assault survivors holding posters with quotes from their attackers.


There aren’t too many women who make it through their lives without ever being assaulted.  These women are brave, for being willing to share even that little piece of their story with the world… and hopefully are on the road to healing.  Coming together will, I think, be what wins in the end.  Buzzfeed has a wrenching post featuring twenty-seven of the photos.

It’s heartbreaking, but it would be worse if we looked away.


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