New Edition of The Carpet People

The cover featured above is the classic edition of The Carpet People, the book that started Terry Pratchett’s career – like a satirical Lord of the Rings, taking place in… a carpet.  Epic fantasy at dust mite scale.

The book is quite often cited as the predecessor to the Discworld series, and has that same crazy sense of humour.  There is a new version of it coming November 5th, a special edition featuring illustrations done by Sir Terry himself.  I am dying to get my hands on one, because I would love to see what his vision of his characters is.

One of the great things about books is that no two people truly envision a character the same, no matter how detailed the description.  More so for the divide between readers and authors.  Don’t even get me started on book vs. movie.   It is rare that you can get a glimpse into what someone else sees, unless they are willing to draw their vision for you, and (this is important) they are good at drawing.

There is a new, enchanting trailer, released today, of the new edition.   The Carpet People are described as the “fruit of the loom”, which alone should tell you this is in true Pratchett style.

Have a blast enjoying this “epic saga of miniature proportions.”


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