Support Max, Support Autism!

For those of you who don’t know Max’s story, I’ll repeat it.  He is a boy, with autism, who lives just outside of Toronto.  His mother has MS so his grandmother looks after him sometimes.  He is a cheerful boy, who loves Elvis.  He has a neighbour who thinks he should be euthanized, because he’s annoying.

His grandmother was sent an anonymous letter that made me so angry I literally couldn’t speak.   Here is the letter:

I’ll give you a minute to start breathing again.

Thankfully, most people are on Max’s side.  But his family, and other families like his could use our support.

There is a benefit concert being organized, to be held on October 12th.  The community is organizing the event, in partnership with Autism Speaks Canada.  We would like it to be as successful as possible, so we need artists to get behind this.  With a big enough name, we could book a big venue.   We need bands and celebrities to be willing to perform or speak.  If you can’t perform or speak, a video message to Max and his family, even just “Hi Max!” would be amazing.

Help me get the word out there, guys.  You can contact the community organizer (and my amazing sister-in-law) Patricia Williamson at, or Katherine Digby at Autism Speaks Canada at .

Max may not be able to speak, but it doesn’t mean he can’t listen.



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3 responses to “Support Max, Support Autism!

  1. I hate the fact that this is what the world is becoming. Empathy is dying and psychopathy is on the rise. This is why we need empathy training in schools from preschool until college. Saying “how would you like it if…” is not enough to make people understand what they do to others. I…I have no words, but Max has my support.

  2. My wife and I have a son who is autistic, and while we are very fortunate in that our little dude is verbal, one shouldn’t need a personal connection to the condition in order to feel outrage at this letter. For an individual to suggest euthanization and to use terms like “retarded” in a way that is derogarory is absolutely unconscionable. To be honest, reading that hateful document inspired violent urges in me, and I hate that. I just can’t believe a mother, pissed off or otherwise, would express such horrific sentiments. Max, we love you down here in Southern California!

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