The Emperor’s Edge

I have recently been turned on to a series of fantasy novels called The Emperor’s Edge, which is also the title of the first book.  This series, written by Lindsay Buroker, is like reading the A-Team redone as steampunk-y fantasy.  My favorite character by far is the equivalent of Face, Maldynado, whose goal in life is a statue of himself placed somewhere prominent, preferably with a minimum of effort and maximum of style.

It is only in e-book form, for now, and it is good enough that I devoured the entire series from Kobo in about a week (including spin-offs).  Great characters, good storyline, the writing is funny, and just plain fun.  Highly recommended – this is an author who deserves a wider audience.

The first book is available as a free download from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | Apple | Kobo . The first three are available, at least from Kobo, as a single e-book for around $5.  I feel vaguely like a drug dealer offering the first taste free, knowing you’ll be hooked.  But a nice drug dealer.

I have to share this little story from the store with you guys… a little boy was checking out a display in the store that had globes, and he was doing something to one of the globes that looked like he was trying to pick something up off the surface of it.  As I got closer, I realized that the pinching motion was his attempt to zoom in – a la Google Earth.

Happy first week of school, especially to the parents out there, and happy reading!


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