Neil Gaiman does Gaming? I’m In.

It’s called Wayward Manor.  It’s being put together by The Odd Gentlemen, and currently has a Kickstarter-like site to get it going.  You can contribute a little to have your name on the site, or a lot and have dinner with Neil Gaiman in L.A.   Any snarkiness on why he isn’t bankrolling it himself should result in you Googling just how much money it takes to make a quality game, with gorgeous art and storyline.

It looks like video gaming as done by… well, Neil Gaiman, and maybe some Tim Burton.  Dark, morbid, amazing.

The official site is and seems to hint at a (hopefully) 2014 release.  My inner (and outer) nerd is jumping for joy.  Neil Gaiman!  And Gaming! Neil Gaiming!

Ok, I’m done.

Happy Gaming!


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One response to “Neil Gaiman does Gaming? I’m In.

  1. So glad you posted about this!!!! I love Neil Gaiman and this game looks so fun! 🙂

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