Dear Daily Mail, Sincerely Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer is pretty damned awesome.  She  shaves her eyebrows, but not her underarms, and has no problem being as much herself in public as she is in private.  This is not a woman who is going to change herself because the media says so.  Or anyone else, for that matter.

If you don’t know her, she is a singer and songwriter, who is married to author Neil Gaiman.  How’s that for a power couple?  I came to knowledge of her through my love of her husband’s books, but she has permanently won her own place in my heart with her recent (possibly only) performance of a piece called “Dear Daily Mail.”  She wrote the song after the Daily Mail, a UK newspaper, reviewed the fact that her breast was exposed at a recent concert, instead of mentioning anything else that remotely referred to her singing, music, performance…

Her sung response is… perfect.  This is the kind of gutsy confidence I hope my daughters grow up to have.  Bravo, Amanda.

The video below may not be appropriate for all environments.

Happy reading (and listening, and singing).


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