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The Library in Lego Form (aka the absolute last post I will write about Lego librarians)

Mr. Library Dude

It’s the summer of Lego Librarians! When I created my own Lego Librarian personalities, I didn’t quite imagine the wave it would create. People love Lego blocks. People love librarians. When you combine the two, you get an irresistible cultural mash-up.

The original post generated over 36,000 views and appeared on sites such as The Huffington Post, Flavorwire, Neatorama, Book RiotMyModernMet, Trendhunter, and Nerd Approved. Evidently it also took the country of Hungary by storm, as I had several thousand views from this one site alone.

After I acquired the official Lego librarian (I got it for cheap on eBay, rather than guessing among the unmarked packages at the Lego store), I decided that the Lego librarian needed a library!

Now I had a few of my own Lego pieces, but I had to ask for donations from co-workers. I also…

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On Friday August 23rd, this little graphic went up on the website of Dark Horse comics.  Along with this little blurb:


08/23/2013 10:23am
Joss Whedon’s beloved Firefly series and Serenity film’s lifespan may have been short-lived, but managed to produce one of the most dedicated fanbases in the history of modern science fiction. Dark Horse is proud to be able to keep Mal and his crew flying with new comics and products. Look for the hashtag #WheresSerenity over the next few months on our TwitterFacebook and Instagram pages for exclusive news on the future of the franchise at Dark Horse!
Does this mean that we’re going to finally get a full Firefly comic series?  Yes please!
In celebration, Mal is now my desktop.  And here is the link so you too, can have nerdtastic Firefly wallpaper.
Happy dreaming!

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Apocalypse Cow

Quote from Apocalypse Cow:

“Somewhere out there, the cows were waiting.  And they were hungry.”

It has zombie cows.  It won the Terry Pratchett prize.  It has the least likely heroes ever.  And it has zombie cows.  Also zombie sheep, zombie squirrels…

If you love absurd humour and zombies, this book is for you.  Thank you, Michael Logan.  It’s the book I didn’t know I needed.

In the comments below, please tell me what you think would be the worst animal to have as a zombie, and why.  You can pick “worst” as in “completely useless and not terrifying at all,” or “worst” as in “holy crap that’s a zombie tiger.”

Have fun!



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Cats Make a Music Video – May Be the Weirdest Thing You See All Day

Warning: Do not watch this video on hallucinogens.  It’s weird enough as it is, believe me.   There’s probably a reason why it’s called Dreams are Real, but I’ll leave whether it’s a good dream or a bad one up to you.

My personal prediction is that since this is a music video that features cats, it should be hugely successful since music videos and cats is what the internet is for.  Yes Ryan Barger, you’re a genius.

Thanks to Jezebel for twigging me to this.

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Book Thief Movie Trailer

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Abandon Book!

When do you abandon a book?  When do you decide that a book is just too terrible, or too boring, or too traumatic, or too whatever to finish?

For me, I abandon more books than I used to, since my reading time is at more of a premium.  I usually wait until after the second chapter, because I have run into a few books with terrible first chapters that end up fantastic – you just have to grit your teeth.   Generally though, a book has to be truly terrible for me to abandon it, not just mediocre.

Recently I was trying to read The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny.  This is a book that can properly be called a tome, all ten books of the series in one.  Whew.  I managed to struggle through the first five, but gave up mid-way through six.   I tried it because I had had several customers tell me how much they enjoyed it.  Despite tantalizing little flashes of good writing, the story drove me insane. The storyline was inconsistent, the writing style was inconsistent… anyways, not my cup of tea, for sure.   It’s also an interesting example of how despite reviews, you have to make up your own mind, because what one person loves (and cites as their reason for reading the genre in the first place) another one can detest.

Another book I had to abandon recently was a graphic novel a customer published and brought in proudly to show me.  From the descriptions he gave me, I was expecting a 50’s exploitation comic.  What I got was Space Chick & Nympho: Vampire Warrior Party Girl Comix.  I opened the plain brown envelope when I got home, and then immediately stuffed it in a cupboard so my children wouldn’t see it.  Tony Murphy has a bit of a cult following, apparently – I’m just not going to be a cult member.  He’s making films, too, the latest being Frankenpimp.  He’s very happy.  Interestingly, he’s even happy if I am shocked by his stuff and hide it in the closet, as long as he’s getting reactions and people are seeing his stuff.

There was another book I read recently where I couldn’t stand the main character –  it was the casual racism.   After a few of the character’s thoughts on her cab driver, I put the book down. That was Trouble Becomes Her, by Laura Van Wormer.

Goodreads put out an interesting infographic on abandoning books, when and why.

Ring any bells?  What do you do?



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Of Dice and Men

For geeks and those who love them, the story of D&D, in all its gateway-to-satan-worship glory.

I play it because with a great dungeon master, you get to become a part of an epic adventure.  And as someone who loves stories, that’s pretty amazing.

Even if you don’t play, it’s an interesting read, from its controversial start to the state of the game today.

Get your geek on.


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Neil Gaiman does Gaming? I’m In.

It’s called Wayward Manor.  It’s being put together by The Odd Gentlemen, and currently has a Kickstarter-like site to get it going.  You can contribute a little to have your name on the site, or a lot and have dinner with Neil Gaiman in L.A.   Any snarkiness on why he isn’t bankrolling it himself should result in you Googling just how much money it takes to make a quality game, with gorgeous art and storyline.

It looks like video gaming as done by… well, Neil Gaiman, and maybe some Tim Burton.  Dark, morbid, amazing.

The official site is and seems to hint at a (hopefully) 2014 release.  My inner (and outer) nerd is jumping for joy.  Neil Gaiman!  And Gaming! Neil Gaiming!

Ok, I’m done.

Happy Gaming!


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Tardis Easter Egg on Google Maps!

Ever wanted to explore the Tardis? Now you can – at least virtually.

A newly discovered easter egg lets you explore this seemingly ordinary police call box… which turns out to be bigger on the inside! Follow this link or click on the image of the call box above to start geeking out.  You’re welcome.

Maybe I’ll see you there.

Happy geeking!


Disclaimer: Any resulting adventures through the space-time continuum are to be credited to me.  And you have to bring me with you.

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Fanpires – Don’t Be One

What do we have the right to expect from an artist whose work we love?

My article on being Neil Gaiman’s femme de plume (sounds better than pen woman) the other day seems to have struck a chord with a lot (and I mean a lot) of you guys.  There was an outpouring of stories about meeting Neil, either at the event in Toronto or elsewhere.  Many wrote of their concern for his wellbeing being compromised for the sake of a signature.   I’m amazed at how kind and considerate they are, considering some of the stories of rabid fans and paparazzi you hear about.

We have strange expectations of celebrities, public figures, people who make their living through art especially.  In general the fandom is one-sided, since it is unlikely that Neil Gaiman knows who you are married to, or that Wil Wheaton knows what your first job was.

It can make an encounter with one of these guys feel very strange, like my very brief meeting with Guy Gavriel Kay a few months ago at a signing (from the fan side of the table, this time).  He is hugely important to me, I am one of millions who read him.  Not that he feels disdain or disinterest, but his relationship to me is not mine to him.   Truthfully, it’s not even a relationship.

What is reasonable, in terms of meeting someone like this?  Or our demands of them?

What about Wil Wheaton’s recent revelations on his blog, where he was ambushed by fans while with his child?  I can only imagine how scared and angry I would have been in that situation, where they were actually between him and his son.

And despite the funny memes about Starks dying, George R. R, Martin doesn’t have to care that we are impatient for the next book to come out.  To quote Neil, “George R.R. Martin is not your bitch.”

What do we have the right to expect from an artist whose work we love?

Honestly, nothing.  There’s no contract there.  They don’t even have to be polite.  Which makes those who do take the time precious, but them doing that also doesn’t mean they have to ever do it again.

So thank you to the artists who put themselves out there.  Who know that the brief meeting is so important to those fans.  The comments on the link to my article on Neil Gaiman’s facebook page are very touching, and thank you to everyone who shared their own experiences and thoughts.  One of my favorite things that has come out of all this is the true joy of fandom – getting to share what you love with other people who love it too.

Happy reading!


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