Breaking Book News

Some big news in the book world.  Some of it is only big for me, some of it will cause some major changes, but all of it is going to be interesting.


That’s right, Penguin and Random House have merged.  The official day one for the now global publishing company was July 1st, and they are going to be a powerhouse.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some more mergers in the near future as other publishers scramble to have the same kind of reach.  The official website is


New Discworld book! Terry Pratchett has announced there will be a brand spanking new novel out before Christmas, called Raising Steam.  It will be out October 24th, and I will  be snatching up the first copy I can.  I will hurt old ladies if necessary.


Although Maurice Sendak swore never to write a sequel, apparently some people have decided to do it for him – or at least try.  HarperCollins has filed an injunction with Kickstarter against a couple of guys who are trying to raise funds for an illustrated poem they’re touting as the spiritual sequel to Where the Wild Things Are.  More info here on Galleycat.


Happy reading!


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