This is not a romance novel.  I thought I’d get that out of the way right off the bat, before you judged the book by its cover (and title).  I realize that angels have mostly been showing up in either Doreen Virtue books or as the latest supernatural romance stars.  This book, although it features some romance, is a thriller more in the line of Tom Clancy than Sherrilyn Kenyon (not dissing Sherrilyn Kenyon, she’s awesome).  Fans of Dan Brown or Ludlum might enjoy this, if they don’t mind a little supernatural in their thriller.  Trussoni’s angels are nephilim – the resulting descendants of unions between fallen angels and human women.  These are not rosy-cheeked cherubs; they’re more like really pretty serial killers.

There is, of course an organization dedicated to defeating them – but there are lost artifacts to be found, conspiracies to be unraveled, and mysterious science to be uncovered.

There is a second novel, Angelopolis, which delves further into the storyline, and introduces Fabergé eggs into the story.  It’s a perfect addition because the intricacy and wonder of the eggs and the treasures found inside lend themselves perfectly to a hidden history, full of magic and mystery.  Russia is added to the story as a main setting, and everyone knows that dark conspiracies are around every corner in Russia.

Both books are perfect for summer reading, although you’ll find yourself startled that it is warm and sunny outside, instead of the grey and snowy world of the books.  Highly recommended.  I’ve heard there’s a potential movie in the works, which should be interesting.

Happy reading!


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