It’s called Hard Times for a reason.

Sometimes, telling a customer not to purchase a book is an important part of my job.

Yesterday, a woman who volunteers at the local hospital was looking for something “light and cheerful” to read during her breaks.  I grabbed the copy of Dickens’ Hard Times from her hand, and put it as far away from her as I could reach without just making a run for it.

The  father picking up a copy of Fifty Shades at his fifteen-year-old’s request practically got slapped with it.

The woman who wanted a Harlequin-type romance and picked up Anna Karenina.

The mom who wanted something for a nine year old who was a “very advanced reader” and picked up A Clockwork Orange.  And The Fight Club.

The mom who was buying The Game for her son.   Ew.


Happy (not) reading.



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3 responses to “It’s called Hard Times for a reason.

  1. Hahahaha…that’s funny. But yeah, I would think It’d be hard to tell a customer NOT to buy a particular book. What do they say when you tell them not to get the books they wanted though? Were they receptive to your suggestions?

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