Not your Granddaddy’s Cinderella


Thank you Marissa Meyer.  Thank you for not only exceeding my expectations, but making me completely forget I had expectations (or laundry to do).

The book is called Cinder.  There are definitely elements of the Cinderella story in there, but the heroine is a kick-butt mechanic, there are political implications, a deadly plague, and other fun stuff.  It’s the first book in a trilogy, of which the first two are out, so it’s not a quick wrap up for a happy ending story.  Fans of dystopian literature, like Hunger Games, Ender’s Game, or Divergent should enjoy this.  There is a romance, but it’s definitely not your stereotype fairy-tale one.   This girl is not waiting for a prince to rescue her – in fact, she might do the rescuing.

Technically it’s YA, but don’t miss it because of that.

Happy reading

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One response to “Not your Granddaddy’s Cinderella

  1. That looks like a good one!

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