Book Tattoos


I have been mulling a new tattoo, and I would like the next one to have literary ties.   That’s about as far as I get, before my head explodes with ideas, most of which are terrible.  There are some fantastic ones I’ve seen, but I don’t know…

While I’m agonizing (please let me know if you have brilliant inspiration) here is a fun link to buzzfeed for 50 literary tattoos.




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2 responses to “Book Tattoos

  1. What do you already have? And what are you’re ideas? maybe they’re not as bad as you think 🙂

  2. I love Terry Pratchett, but I can’t imagine how to translate his stuff to a tattoo. Maybe the Discworld? Children’s books look great as tattoos, but there’s not really a children’s book that speaks to me that strongly. Something in Tolkien elvish? Sigh.

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