Judging a Book By Its Cover? What About Now?

A friend of mine sent me a link for a fantastic HuffPost article by Maureen Johnson called Coverflip, about how gendered book covers can be.  This is perfect timing because I just had a discussion with a customer the other day about how she might read more romance novels if they didn’t have idiotic covers, featuring women with dresses half off, or men’s naked torsos.  She felt like this meant if she did buy them, she could only read them at home because she found the covers so embarrassing.  I assume that would apply to men as well.  Who knows, there could be a whole untapped market for romance for men which isn’t being met – and I mean romance in all senses, not just the relationship one.

Maureen Johnson goes on to ask her Twitter followers to “gender-flip” the covers – as written by an author of the opposite gender, since author gender does seem to have an effect on the cover of the books as well.  The alternate covers are quite thought-provoking, and I’m looking forward to hearing some feedback from you guys.

In other news, my recent bout of food poisoning has made me realize that if I don’t write articles, they don’t get written.  So, if anyone out there would like to submit book reviews, I would be happy to look over them, and potentially post them.  You can send me submissions at bibliophiliacs@live.com .  Any genre, loved it, hated it, funny, serious.  I like to be able to put out posts as often as possible, so this would be a big help.  Please include what name you would like your submission under.


Happy reading (and writing) and don’t forget to let me know what you think of the HuffPost article.



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