May the Fourth Be With You

In honour of Star Wars day, here are a few great Star Wars themed books.

The Origami Yoda series is aimed at ages 9-12, and is lot of fun.   And frankly, to me it’s just a bonus that the books are decent.  Look at the covers!  There are more in the series.

If you want to learn how to do Star Wars origami, head over to !  There’s a book out too, that contains special paper to make your Star Wars origami that much more awesome, by the same guy who runs the site, Chris Alexander.  It is titled, unsurprisingly, Star Wars Origami.

I love Jeffrey Brown’s drawings of Darth Vader as a parent.  Obviously he gave up his kids in order to have some dignity and authority left, unlike the rest of us.

If you’re really feeling it, you can always pick up the Force Trainer, and forever convince everyone you’re completely nuts.  Er, I mean cool.   Surprising lack of sarcastic reviews on Amazon, to my disappointment, considering that reading the reviews is the only reason I go on Amazon.

Have fun, and may the fourth be with you!


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