New Moon – A Guest Review by Nitharshana P.

Sometimes for a good idea of what a teen will think of a book, you need a teen review.  Nitharshana, a middle school student, has written the following review (which I love and agree with) of New Moon by Stephanie Meyer.  Take it away, Nitharshana…

I have read the book New Moon by Stephenie Meyer and I have to say that this was one of the oddest books I have ever read.

Stephenie Meyer has done an excellent job of writing the story.  Her writing was clear and I understood the story more than I thought I would.   However, the more I understood the story, the more I despised it.  The main reason for me not liking this book is the main character.  Bella Swan is the most idiotic character I have ever read.  I understand why she would risk her life for her beloved’s.  Doing multiple suicide missions just to feel her love’s presence is plain stupidity.  That is what Bella was doing for three quarters of the story.  Luckily, she had her werewolf friends to save her each time.  If I could, I would ask Meggie or Mo from Inkheart to read me into this book so I could tell Bella how much a life is worth.  I enjoy fantasy stories, but in this case where Bella’s boyfriend leaves her and she can not cope, I just couldn’t take the book seriously anymore.


Even though this book is not my cup of tea, people who enjoy supernatural characters and romance would actually have a good time reading this.  Also, if you can cope with psychotic characters this would be a great book for you.  I hope you find something better in this book than I did.

-Nitharshana P.


What she said.    If you want to know what the target audience thinks… ask the target audience.    Thanks N.P.!

Happy (or not) reading!



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  1. KayeC

    Wow that is an awesome and well-thought out review (which I also happen to agree with 100%). I wish all middle schoolers were this articulate and sensible. Tell Nitharshana, “Good job!”

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