How a Girl Without a Voice Becomes an Author – Carly’s Voice

The miracle of computers – we take them for granted, but what a boon to communication they have been in ways we never imagined.  It has enabled Carly Fleischmann, a young woman with autism, to give a true expert opinion on what living with autism is really like, and to smash everyone’s preconceptions in wonderful ways.

She writes about how it feels to have all your senses turned up to high volume, and no way of filtering the input.  She speaks of taking thousands of “photos” of someone’s face if she looks at them, which is why she doesn’t like looking people in the eye.  It’s too overwhelming.  And she does all this through her computer, since she doesn’t speak.

Here is the book trailer (have I mentioned I love book trailers?):

I am gaining a whole new perspective on autism, thanks to Carly.  This book is like mind yoga – it stretches out and wakes up all kinds of notions you had, which is great.   She has a blog, and is active on Twitter – @CarlysVoice .  She created an interactive site called Carly’s Café to let users experience what it is like to be autistic.  This young woman is a force to be reckoned with, and I’m looking forward to the changes she helps make.

Happy reading!


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