New Kobo Models Coming?

I have heard, through my top-secret industry contacts (see, I know stuff), that a new Kobo model is coming.  “Like Kobo Glo on steroids.”  What does that mean?  No idea.  Faster? Stronger?  Hormonal problems?  Stay tuned, and I will endeavour to find actual information instead of vague murmurs.

Kobo seems to also have solved whatever manufacturing issues have been going on, and Kobo  readers are becoming widely available in stores again.   I have to say, I was a little worried we weren’t going to have them for Mother’s Day, and it is going to be my main recommendation, because I’m a mother and I feel responsible for making sure other moms get decent presents, hint hint to guy in store who was going to get his wife a new blender.  Honestly.

I will answer a question I have been receiving a lot lately: Kobo Arc or Nexus?  Depends what you want.

The Nexus 7 is powerful, has Bluetooth, and lots of cool little touches like GPS.  The speakers are terribly positioned, on the back so that if you lay it flat they’re muffled.  Quad-core processors are handy if you want to run something that requires some muscle, or are incapable of closing apps/windows.  Terrible, draconian return policy.   Once that seal is cracked, no matter where you got it from, you have to deal with Asus, even for a straightforward manufacturing defect.

The Arc is less powerful with dual core processors, but better speakers, positioned in the front.  The screen is retinal display, same as Nexus.  Honestly, once it’s a retinal display, the resolution just starts being numbers.  If your eyes can’t tell the difference, who cares?  No Bluetooth, so you can’t use wireless speakers or keyboard.  Available in 16GB, 32GB, or 64 GB, at $199/$249/$299 price point, so not bad.  Kobo apparently made some adjustments to the screen coating to lower the glare levels, making it friendlier to users who want to read on it.

If you need something with more oomph, and are willing to chance dealing with Asus customer service, go with the Nexus.  If you want a decent Android tablet for Facebook, reading, and Angry Birds, the Arc will suit your needs (and bank account) just fine.

Happy (e)reading!


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