River of Stars

I met Guy Gavriel Kay (henceforth referred to as GGK, because I’m lazy) last week.  The occasion was the launch of his newest book, River of Stars.  I am about halfway through it, and it is as beautifully written as everything else he’s done.

Have you ever met one of your heroes?  I’m not sure hero is exactly the right word, but you get the picture.

I have read everything GGK has written, except his volume of poetry, which I intend to lay hands on at some point.   His A Song for Arbonne may be my favorite book of all time.  I have strong-armed family members into reading his books, including my husband, who now counts the Fionavar Tapestry trilogy as his favorite books, having edged out The Lord of the Rings and David Eddings’ Sapphire Rose trilogy.  At the bookstore, GGK is my author.   I must have sold hundreds of his books by now, guaranteeing that customers will love his writing.   And he has no idea who I am.

That’s the strangest feeling.  Someone who has been such an influence in your life, through his writing, and it’s entirely a one-sided relationship.   It’s not that he doesn’t appreciate his readers, because he does.  At the book launch he mentioned that he’s especially lucky to have readers who are willing to let him write slowly, taking years between books, so he can be a perfectionist.  But I’m just one of the faceless thousands, and after having signed my giant pile of his books, he will forget me immediately.

I wasn’t really expecting him to hug me like a long-lost relative, but I hadn’t really thought about it until I was actually face-to-face with him.  It was very… professional.  Oh well.

The library will be posting a video of GGK’s reading and interview on their site soon, if you’re interested.

I’m going back to River of Stars, now.

Happy Reading!



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4 responses to “River of Stars

  1. Kurt D.

    There was a question asked at the launch as to where GGK himself is exiled– the argument being that since it’s such a dominant theme in his books it must surely be a major motivator in his own life– but he deigned not to answer truthfully and ducked the question with a “it’s a literary device” type answer. Why the lies? Probably because GGK is an intensely private man who is uncomfortable in working the floor. He would probably rather just put his books out there and say “There, I’ve shared enough.” But, we as fans are voracious and want more, demand more, would happily tear out his heart and hold it aloft in triumph as we cry “I have you now!” save that’s the sort of thing leads to murder charges and (worse! so much worse!!) no new books. So he keeps it professional, arms length and maintains Ivory Tower protocol. No big surprise. And, of course it’s disappointing inasmuch we’ve invested so much in the books we’d like to make the man who wrote them an old friend, too. Sadly it is not to be because GGK is not handing around the keys willy nilly, so only the cherished few are getting in. Ah well, so be it… back to the books. He’s in there, beating heart and all… no doubt about it.

  2. Interestingly, GGK retweeted (what a strange word) this post. Amazing, and somewhat ironic. But I am elated that he read some of my writing.

  3. Kurt D.

    Yes, I know he retweeted your post because I followed his link to find your cri de coeur. It’s not ironic at all. It’s GGK’s arms-length way of saying “Thanks!” for your efforts on his behalf.

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