Bunnicula – A Review by Jade

I think that this book should be republished because it does not have the right adjectives.  I thought that harold the dog was a small little puppy that was brown. But turned out that he was actually a big golden retriever. I also thought  that chester the cat was a black cat like the ones that witches have.But i dident even know that BUNNICULA was black and white. Just read the book and go back to  your child hood in grade 2. Then look at the first chapter it has no adjectives for what chester and harold look like or BUNNICULA.  So you have an entirely diffrent picture in your head just like my teacher Mrs.Saunders told me.If Mrs.Saunders is reading this thank you so much for teaching me about adjectives. Or i would not know what to say.Any way i love this book. You should realy read it or give it to your kids just like my mom who owns this blog. so happy reading!p.s.My most favorite part of the book is on the cover TODAY VEGETABLES TOMORROW THE WORLD!



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2 responses to “Bunnicula – A Review by Jade

  1. Merilyn Fox

    This gives me a whole new perspective on Bunnicula. I am going to re-read it and pay attention to the adjectives, or lack of same.

    • Jade says thank you, I appreciate what you said and I think that you should read it and buy the after books to find out what happens next. Thank you for posting on my review.

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