The Age of Miracles

It’s kind of apocalyptic speculative sci-fi.  Kind of coming of age/first romance.  Kind of a critique of contemporary american society.  And all good.

The premise is that Earth abruptly starts turning more and more slowly.  Days and nights become longer, temperatures get both hotter and colder, a completely unexpected disaster with no solution.  Everything – plants, animals, people – is affected by it.  Now imagine dealing with that and puberty.

There is a very sweet love story that goes alongside the story of what happens to people, to families, to friendships when disaster strikes.

The writing is fantastic, and feels very believable.  It seems perfectly plausible while you’re reading, and I didn’t find there was any interruption of the suspension of disbelief, like there can be in apocalypse stories.

This is adult fiction, but it can be shared with younger teen readers as well, since there wasn’t anything in it that was particularly objectionable.   This wasn’t really a genre novel, so even those who aren’t sci-fi readers would likely enjoy this.

I look forward to reading more books by Karen Thompson Walker, if they are all written this well.

Happy Reading!



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