Reviews by Jade – Rescue Princesses

My youngest daughter, age 7,  got some ARCs (advance reading copies) on the condition that she would write reviews of them.  So, without further ado (at least from me) here is her first review.



I liked the book a lot it was adventurous just the way I like it. It was about a girl named princess Emily. She was from middingland she disliked her palace back home. She would rather go adventuring out in mist wood forest and go on the zip-line than do boring princess duties. Than she met three young ladies lulu Jaminta and Clarabel They became friends quickly they made a club called the rescue princesses. Then one night they went into mist wood forest and found a deer and more traps and saw the bad guys they told the king about what happened. Later they got awards and they had tracking devices to talk to each other they were disguised to look like bracelets so people would think that they were bracelets and rescue animals. They learned karate to save the deer.

THE END FOR NOW…………………………….


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2 responses to “Reviews by Jade – Rescue Princesses

  1. Merilyn Fox

    That is a very succinct and enticing review. I am so excited, I must read the book myself. Thank you for introducing me to a new author Jade.

  2. Gary Fox

    An excellent review. I can’t believe that you are only in grade 2. Please post more reviews.

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