E-Books – Why Are They More Expensive in Canada?

I’ve heard all the arguments from publishers over the years about why Canadian prices for books are higher.  First it was because the U.S. dollar was worth more.  Now it’s because the distribution costs are higher in Canada, fewer sales, etc.   Perhaps that’s the case, and perhaps not, but it’s a hard one to argue if you don’t have access to their expense sheets.

E-Books, however… what gives?  Even with Amazon, their U.S. site and Canadian site have price discrepancies of, on average, more than $1.00.  Just so you know, the two currencies are at par.  There are no transportation costs.  No shipping.  The files are the same.   There is no reason whatsoever for them to cost more.

Amazon is looking to expand into Canada, with a new and aggressive marketing campaign for the Kindle here.  But with the Kindle’s inability to buy books from anyone but Amazon, I don’t see Canadians buying a device that not only limits their purchasing choices, but will cost them more.



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2 responses to “E-Books – Why Are They More Expensive in Canada?

  1. Mary Ellen Krawec/Emme Cross

    The difference is price also drives me crazy. So does the selection. Amazon.ca no longer lets people get subscriptions to a number of newspapers including Canadian ones…because of a problem with geographic rights. And, pray tell, why are both my novels for sale on Amazon.com and just one on Amazon.ca. Furthermore, why can’t they incorporate all the reviews and comments from both sites? They have the technology…maybe not the will. Canada is such small fry when compared to the U.S.

    • It must be doable. I believe Kobo uses the same site for multiple countries, and only the taxes charged change. Companies can’t afford to be so insular anymore – the e-marketplace is global.

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