Eau de Dead Writer


Thanks to HuffPost blogger Amanda Nelson for this.  She proposed some other perfumes based on writers (presumably pre-mortem):

Ernest Hemingway: Salt water, rum, coconut and lime, cigar smoke, Spanish wine

F. Scott Fitzgerald: Gin, citrus, oak (prep school, amirite), in a champagne-flute shaped bottle with gold flecks in it

Jane Austen: Darjeeling tea, snowdrops and pansies (flowers from her garden), meadow grass

Dorothy Parker: Whiskey sour, vanilla, mandarin, white musk

Edgar Allan Poe: Poppies, absinthe, sandalwood, and mold

My store had Library Candles by Paddywax that were named after authors, and featured quotes.  I thought I remembered there being a Hemingway candle, which smelled gorgeous, but I don’t see it there now.  In any case, you have lots of options if you want you and your surroundings to smell like dead people.  Good smelling dead people.




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