Magazine Euthanasia

This is the cover of – you may have guessed – the last print issue of Newsweek.  The hash tag is a little nod/dig at Twitter, one of the most popular new sources for news, and partially responsible for the death of the magazine.

Newsweek will still live on online, but it isn’t the first – nor is it likely to be the last – magazine to lose to the digital competition.  Game Informer, Gourmet, Teen People… all gone.  Many of these magazines didn’t do well online … we’ll see how Newsweek manages to survive.   Tablets may prove to be magazines’ salvation, particularly apps like PressReader, or Zinio.  These allow you to have some of the look and feel of print media, minus all that exhausting page turning.

I don’t read magazines often, so it isn’t much of an issue (pardon the pun) for me.  Any magazine readers out there?  What do you think?

Happy reading!


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