Chargers for the Kobo Vox and Kobo Arc

I get many questions about which chargers will work for the Kobo Vox and Arc, both here and at the store, so I thought I’d give them a post all their own.

The short answer is, you need a 2A 5V micro USB charger.  So, 2 amps, 5 volts.

Most micro USB chargers are 5V, but not all are 2A.

The Kobo Vox was built with proprietary technology built into the charger – which means that using non-Kobo chargers can be problematic.  If it isn’t a Kobo charger, the Vox doesn’t register battery charge levels properly.  The battery may be fully charged, but it won’t know.  Most of the time this isn’t an issue, but sometimes it can lead to the Vox turning itself off due to what it thinks are insufficient power levels.  You can buy a charger directly from Kobo  no longer buy chargers from Kobo, they aren’t even listed on the site.  You can try and see if you can search out a used or refurbished one, but Vox users may be out of luck at this point.

For both the Arc and Vox (and many other tablets, like the Nexus 7), it is vital to get a 2A charger.  Imagine your battery as a pool of water.  Using the battery drains the water.  So, you have to refill the pool.  The number of amps is the width of the hose you’re using.  If you try to charge your tablet with a charger that has insufficient amperage, it’s like trying to refill that pool through a drinking straw.  It’s going to take an awfully long time, and the water is going to keep draining away faster than you’re filling it.



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5 responses to “Chargers for the Kobo Vox and Kobo Arc

  1. Cindy

    You have told us if we’re still stuck with a proprietary charger for the Arc. I have the Vox. My biggest pet peeve is the proprietary charger. If he need arose, I’d want to be able to buy a generic 2V charger for the Arc. Can you do that and know it’ll work properly?

  2. Cindy

    Oops, I meant you “haven’t” told us whether the Arc’s recharger is proprietary.

  3. Cindy

    I ran over my kobo box charging cord with the vacume, exposed copper wiring, was still working, and I was using, carefully to charge it, however deemed a danger by my daughter whom promptly took it away and threw I’m garbage! I have purchased many at future shop, come home To try it and…. Nope! Dammit! I’m tnd middle of good book too! I also have the kobo glo but that charger does not work either. I’m going to take your post to future shop with me. I said that its prob like an apple thing, where their stuff requires their stuff.. For the most part. He was arguing with me tried to give me Sony ereader charger to buy! Thanks! Cindy

    • It will not work with a regular e-reader charger, because they don’t have enough amperage. If you look at any charger, it will show you the number of volts and amps. Your charger for the Glo can even be a USB cable, plugged into your computer. The Vox, however has to have a 2 Amp (it will say 2A) on the charger. If they try to hand you a regular charger, it will probably say 0.1A. Before you purchase anything, make sure it is MicroUSB, and 2A. I usually don’t like going to FutureShop, because they’re on commission and are just as happy to sell you something you don’t need. Try BestBuy. If possible, get them to let you test it with your Vox. Computer component stores are usually good as well. You can buy chargers online from Kobo, too.

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