E-book Borrowing Made Easy?

If you, like me, have ever tried to manage to strangle the website of your public library (so far unsuccessfully), relief may soon be at hand.

Bibliocommons is debuting a new format for e-book lending, where – gasp – you won’t have to access different sites and different checkouts for each of the e-book providers for the library.  Many of the libraries have five or more different sites, each with their own format and login.   The library doesn’t have responsibility for the sites, so if problems crop up, there is no central help system.

Bibliocommons may just change all that.  The full launch hasn’t happened yet, but there’s a little teaser promo that was just launched today – see what you think.

If nothing else, I’m curious to know if this video causes you to have visions of e-books about to be tied to railroad tracks by a moustache-twirling villain.


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One response to “E-book Borrowing Made Easy?

  1. Merilyn Fox

    Please, please make it so!

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