World’s Largest Bookshelf?

A library in the Netherlands called Book Mountain is not only a new and applauded architectural design, but also contains what may be the world’s largest bookshelf.  It is, essentially, a pyramid of 70,000 books (with room for more) under glass.  To see the BBC video, click here.  It has a café at the peak, with a panoramic view, a reward for ascending the 480 metres of stairs and paths through the library.

Little factoids from the architects’  (MVRDV) website:

9300 m2 total surface
Public part library: 3500 m2
Environmental education centre: 112 m2
Chess club: 140 m2
Back office library: 370 m2
Retail: 839 m2
Commercial offices: 510 m2

Length book shelves:
3205 m total
1565 m for lending
1640 m archive
Amount of books: currently 70.000 and space for another 80.000
The cover is 26 m tall and spans 33,5 m x 47 m

Parking garage with grey water basin and 350 spaces

Hopefully this indicates a new trend of bookstores and libraries becoming vibrant community hubs once more.


“There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.”― Joseph Brodsky

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