The Parasol Protectorate

If you crossed Jules Verne with Bram Stoker, and threw in girliness, you might get Gail Carriger.  Vampires, werewolves, mummies (the dead ones are less scary than the live ones in this series) and a hefty dose of steampunk makes this a book that is wonderful to imagine.  Alexia Tarabotti and her world are very well described, and it’s not hard to picture the scenes as they unfold, no matter how bizarre.  Carriger loves dry wit and word play, and some of her phrases beg quoting.

Most of my favorites are the heroine’s descriptions of her devoted best friend Ivy, who is fashion impaired and not the brightest bulb.  An example of one gem where she is describing Ivy’s outfit is that she looks like “an iced tea cake with delusions of shepherding.”  Picture it.  Just try.

Despite the fashion commentary, and the romance angle, this is a series that can be enjoyed by both men and women, and has interesting plot lines and some new ideas.  The writing is fantastically fun, and I read all five books in about three days, in a marathon reading session.

Lovers of many different genres will enjoy these, and I encourage even those who don’t normally venture into sci-fi or fantasy to read them.  You can tell that Carriger is having a great time writing them, and it makes for an equally great time reading them.  There’s a box set of all five available, and I recommend picking it up because you’re going to read them all anyways.  The books are also available in e-book format.

Happy reading!




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3 responses to “The Parasol Protectorate

  1. I read the first in this series recently and absolutely adored it! I have since borrowed the other 4 from my best freind and I look forward to more antics from Alexia 🙂

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