Archie Comics – Now 300% More Awesome

As mentioned in previous posts, Archie Comics has decided to lead the pack, and has introduced a gay main character, Kevin Keller.  In one issue, he even got married.  To a man. This caused Archie Comics to be boycotted by One Million Moms (a right-wing group consisting of way fewer than one million).  There are quite a few of us now who keep an eye on what O.M.M. (snickers at acronym) boycotts, and then immediately buy whatever it is because odds are, it’s awesome.

Archie Comics decided they weren’t yet awesome enough, and have done three things:

  1. Had a cameo appearance of George Takei in the Kevin Keller series.  He’s Sulu.  He’s an awesome gay rights crusader.   He’s hilarious.  He’s Sulu.  
  2. Made their comics widely available in e-book format.  Not just directly from the publisher, but also from other sources, like Kobo and Barnes & Noble.  Not available via Amazon, yet.  Yay! (both to availability, and not being on Amazon – sorry Kindle users, but I really hate them)
  3. Had a cameo appearance of George Takei.  This is so awesome, I need to say it twice.

By the way, so far, regular e-readers can’t display graphic novels.  You have to have an Android device, iPhone, iPad, or a Kobo Arc or Kobo Vox.  It will work on the colour Nook.




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2 responses to “Archie Comics – Now 300% More Awesome

  1. I loved Archie comics when I was a kid – it’s great to see that they’re keeping up with the times and aren’t afraid to feature real issues 🙂 any word on Betty coming out of the closet yet? I had a huge crush on her XD

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