You want to what my hair?

That’s right, I had a customer say he wanted to eat my hair.  Like cotton candy.

How do you even respond to that?  Running away seemed like a good option, but I was behind the cash desk.  He even made this weird gesture, like grabbing some hair and munching on it.

That strikes me as a weird thing to say, even to someone you know well.  Heck, it would be kind of weird to say to your spouse.  It’s even weirder to say to someone you don’t know at all.  And never, never will.

One of the managers at work has a theory that at this time of year, what with all the holidays abounding and such, people who usually don’t venture into stores, start venturing, in search of presents to bribe family members with so they won’t institutionalize them.  Admittedly, some of that was my theory.

So, the next month should be interesting.  And terrifying.

Good stories, though.


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