Books for Black Friday?

Here in Canada, we had our Thanksgiving a month ago.  One holiday tradition, however, has crossed the border from the U.S.: Black Friday.  Named Black Friday because it’s the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S., the time when retailers go “into the black” (if it wasn’t for this and Christmas, no retailer would survive).  Here in the Great White North, we quite often lose shoppers to the U.S. for Black Friday deals, especially now that the Canadian and U.S. dollar values are so close together.  To boost sales and try to keep shoppers in Canada, a lot of Canadian retailers have jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon, and are offering some pretty amazing deals.

The one nearest and dearest to my heart is Chapters Indigo, the national bookstore chain.  There are some insanely good deals going, starting today and going until Sunday.  The famous buy 3 get the 4th one free (famous to book-lovers, anyways) is on, but now it’s available on gift and toy items, as well as books and magazines.   This is when you see book-lovers hauling grocery trolleys full of books up to the cash registers, a gleam in their eye and a deal in their heart, for reading to last the cold winter nights.  And with the deal available on line now as well, anyone with internet access and international delivery can share our joy.

Oh, another one to keep in mind – the Kobo Mini .  They put it on sale today and tomorrow for $49.99 for the door crasher.   It’s a good gift for students, and for younger kids who you want an e-reader for but don’t want to spend a ton of money on in the event of destruction.

Happy shopping!



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