World War Z – The Movie!!!

Yes, it requires three exclamation marks.  Zombie lovers everywhere rejoice: World War Z is coming to the big screen, and it looks awesome!

If you haven’t read the Max Brooks novel yet, do so,  because it’s an excellent read, even for those who don’t usually read the genre.

Zombie film lovers, check out this trailer, to which you too, will shout “Awesome!”  and be really annoyed that you can’t watch it RIGHT NOW.



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3 responses to “World War Z – The Movie!!!

  1. that guy

    if you read the book, then the trailer should not make you shout “awesome!”. it should make you shout a string of negative obscenities as to how they could turn such a great story into such a crap movie.

  2. Well, I didn’t figure they’d be able to turn the book into the movie as is… it’s far too complex, and is set after the war, mostly.
    It looks like a good action movie, though. As a book lover, I try not to expect the movie to be like the book, just to take some of the best aspects of it and bring them to the big screen.

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